Azure Blobs Made Simple: For Non-Developers

12:15 - 13:00 Europium (120) Back to event schedule

With the move to the cloud, developers lost the ability to access local file systems from AL, Universal Code Initiative then also made it unappealing for OnPrem customers as well. The answer to both has usually been Azure Blob Storage, which neatly fills this gap. But this suddenly brings an additional system in to the picture, and with it, costs, responsibilities and maintenance that we previously didn’t have to worry about. That means the decision to go for Blob Storage also impacts the business side of things, not only development. If you ever asked a developer how much a decision will cost, you were likely greeted with an “it depends” kind of answer. And that’s true, it does depend, but this webinar is here to unpack further what are the considerations it depends on. This is Blob Storage explanation made for non-developers. By the end, you too will understand what blob are, why do we need them, what are the considerations, and what kind of effect will they have on your business and applications.


Tine Starič

Software developer at Companial

Tine Starič is a software developer at Companial, helping Partners around the world develop products of the highest quality. He has been a Dynamics NAV developer since 2015, working with end-customers, VARs, and ISVs, delivering support, implementation, localization, and product projects. He leads most developer productivity initiatives at Companial, and is constantly looking for opportunities to eliminate monotonous developer tasks by using modern tools and automation to make room for creative, fun, and high-value development.