Close the consolidation gap and leverage PowerBI for your group clients

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An integrated app for automating financial consolidation. Konsolidator is probably the best consolidation app for D365 customers. It's a simple solution for managing complex financial consolidation and reporting. It includes the functionalities D365's native consolidation is missing and expands your customers' lifetime. The application transforms closed books into final reports in PowerBI within 15 minutes and with the same accuracy as an auditor.


Nicholas Løjmand-Kines

Head of Partnerships - Konsoldiator

Commercial Background With 4 years of experience in B2B sales to accounting offices, including a key sales leadership position at Visma e-conomic. Advising large accounting offices and groups/conglomerates in optimizing their business with digitalization and automation. Educational Background: Bachelor in Finance and Master of Science in economics and International Business

Rohail Mumtaz

Partnership Manager at Konsolidator

Simplifying complex financial consolidation and reporting with D365 add-on tool, Konsolidator!