Why Copilot Isn't Enough? Advancing AI in Business Central.

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Imagine having a tool at your disposal that serves as your financial advisor, always ready to offer immediate insights. This innovative tool not only quickly generates P&L statements but also comes equipped with a suite of powerful features that streamline your routine financial tasks, saving you valuable time. Spoiler alert: It’s not Microsoft Copilot! In our session, we'll explain why Copilot can't deliver these capabilities and what steps you can take to achieve them. Key Highlights: 1. Microsoft Copilot Analysis: We'll critically examine the pros and cons of Microsoft Copilot, discussing its limitations and debunking common myths about its capabilities. 2. AI Implementation Strategies: Discover effortless strategies to integrate AI into Business Central, ensuring you leverage the most out of your AI investments. 3. Business Application Showcase: • AI Financial Intelligence: Streamlines financial operations by providing automated P&L generation, enhancing accuracy and efficiency with AI-driven insights. • AI Customer Intelligence: Offers deep insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and trends to enable targeted engagement strategies and proactive churn reduction. • AI Item Intelligence: Transforms product data management into a strategic asset with actionable AI insights, optimizing inventory levels and sales strategies. This session goes beyond just presenting products; it's an extensive exploration of the latest AI advancements tailored for Business Applications. Equip yourself with essential insights and practical knowledge to lead your enterprise ahead of the technology curve.


Bartek Doruch

AI For The Masses

Bartek has a strong background in the field of reporting, analytics, and budgeting. Bartek is a results-driven leader, with a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals through effective financial management and business development strategies.

Kamil Karbowiak

MD at Data Courage, Data Science Enthusiast.

Over 20 years in Dynamics. Driving Data Strategies for Partners and Customers.