E-invoicing, Supplier Portal & 3PL – EDI at its best

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German companies now have to comply with the regulations of the Growth Opportunities Act. NxM Connect will implement a full flow within minutes and give the option to expand across different formats and document types such as order, order confirmation etc. E-invoicing in the B2B sector will become mandatory in Germany from January 2025. NxM Connect offers a fast and cost-effective solution to be used worldwide. Digitization creates new resources and makes work processes more effective. But what if suppliers are not yet technically ready to exchange data electronically? In these cases, data can be exchanged via the NxM Connect Supplier Portal. This gives the opportunity to control how the packing and delivery are done in details. Reported data from the supplier are also imported directly into Business Central, and updating purchase orders etc. With an external warehouse, what is next? No problem with the 3PL solution in NxM Connect. Picking orders and put-aways are fully automated, just as you manage your own warehouse in Business Central.


Petra Bengtson

Sales & Consulting DACH

Born and raised in Germany. Primarily worked in the mandatory health insurance sector in Germany. Moved to Denmark in 2009 and worked there in various industries. Worked with different versions of Microsoft NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Many years served as a super user. Specialized in B2B integrations and business processes, particularly sales, purchase and warehouse.