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12-13 April, 2024

Days of Knowledge Nordic 2024

Days of Knowledge is a Directions for Partners event focused on educating consultants and developers, sharing knowledge and upgrading Business Central professionals to enable quality customer solutions. Training and acquiring knowledge are the magic words at Days of Knowledge.



Nothing is impossible in BC - ways to handle legacy interfaces in Business Central

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There are still so many Upgrades from NAV to Business Central ongoing and I'm still seeing people struggling with old interfaces. In many projects it is not possible to update all other legacy systems beside Business Central to modern software. Since we have the "Universal Code Initiative" there are more and more update things which are not possible directly in BC. Some Examples: - File Access - Local Hardware Access - SQL Access - (and many more) But there is always an easy way to handle such problems. In my demo I will show you some ways to handle


Patrick Schiefer

COSMO CONSULT, DevOps Engineer

After finishing his education as a software developer in 2011, Patrick worked for a small company. There he was able to work on the further development of a 50 year old software for real estate management. He gained a broad knowledge of programming languages (Cobol, VB6, Delphi, C#) and practices. After that, he moves to the Business Central area in 2017. He uses the prior knowledge to think "out of the box" in Business Central. You can read his ideas on his blog https://patrickschiefer.com