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12-13 April, 2024

Days of Knowledge Nordic 2024

Days of Knowledge is a Directions for Partners event focused on educating consultants and developers, sharing knowledge and upgrading Business Central professionals to enable quality customer solutions. Training and acquiring knowledge are the magic words at Days of Knowledge.



Get better code by combining Test Plan & SOLID principles making your test automation lightning fast

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Most of todays automated tests are deeply database dependent. You probably know them. Those tests where a lot of data creation is done before you get to execute the action under test. The thing with them is that they both take a lot of time to build and a lot of time to run. With the principles of SOLID, inspired by Vjeko, we have restructured the logic of the code in a way that isolates and abstracts it. This makes the tests run lightning fast because it no longer dependents on any data from Business Central. And next to this: by applying this approach we attain less dependency on breaking changes. This coupled with a revised test plan ensures a more stable and better testable code yielding a better result in the end.


C# programmer venturing to al in 2019, looking forward to more SOLID principles in codes and less wild west

Luc van Vugt

fluxxus.nl, MS MVP

In 1999, Luc van Vugt stepped into the Dynamics 365 Business Central world, training hundreds of developers. After Microsoft acquired Navision, he joined Microsoft’s Dynamics localization team GDL as tester, UA specialist, and project lead. For 6 years, he was closely involved with all successive releases. Since he left Microsoft, he has become an active community member by means of his blog. He is co-founder of Dutch Dynamics Community and a speaker at conferences. For all his community work, Luc has been awarded MS MVP since 2011. In 2014, he co-founded NAV Skills, supporting Dynamics 365 Business Central, at that time still called Dynamics NAV, pros around the globe with, among other things, webinars until 2019. He continued ever since to organize webinars under the flag of Areopa webinars. In 2012, Luc started fluxxus.nl, doing miscellaneous projects, including Dynamics 365 Business Central development courses and workshops on design patterns, and automated testing. Luc is one of the main driving forces on test automation in the Dynamics 365 Business Central community.