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12-13 April, 2024

Days of Knowledge Nordic 2024

Days of Knowledge is a Directions for Partners event focused on educating consultants and developers, sharing knowledge and upgrading Business Central professionals to enable quality customer solutions. Training and acquiring knowledge are the magic words at Days of Knowledge.



Enhancing Dynamics Business Central with Solver: Transforming Budgeting and Forecasting

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Integrating Solver with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central enriches financial planning beyond standard features. This session covers how Solver adds advanced workflow management, detailed insights, and data integration from various sources to Business Central's capabilities. Discover how Solver's app enhances budgeting and forecasting, providing a comprehensive financial process overview. Businesses requiring sophisticated budget and forecast processes gain improved control and visibility, aligning financial strategies with goals. Solver's solution caters to Business Central users' evolving needs, offering precision in financial planning and analysis.


Klaus Kristensen

Solver Denmark , Sales and Partner Manager

As a dedicated ERP/CPM consultant with over 20 years in the SMB market, I specialize in transforming budgeting and forecasting processes with innovative solutions like Solver. My practical expertise is underpinned by an HD in Management Accounting, HD in Supply Chain Management, and a passion for leveraging AI to enhance financial reporting and operational efficiency. Join me at Days of Knowledge to explore how Solver can redefine budgeting and forecasting for your Microsoft Business Central environments, moving beyond the limitations of traditional models and into a streamlined, strategy-driven future.

Simen Tonsberg

Sales & Partner Manager - Solver

Simen has 10 years of experience working with Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions. His primary focus has been on sales- and partner development across the Nordic region. Simen has closely collaborated with partners throughout the entire process, from sales presentations and product demonstrations, to closing deals. He is passionate about digitizing and optimizing business processes, particularly in the areas of reporting, budgeting, and forecasting.