I have a dream about nugetized Business Central

12:00 - 12:45 Ferrum (280) Back to event schedule

Getting dependencies for your application is sometime complicated, mainly when another partner is involved. Different processes for different partners doesn't help with this too much. When using CI/CD, you need to be able to automatically download different dependency apps needed by the solution. As ISV partner, you need to deliver your apps to your partners. There are existing ways how to solve this. We will look at nuget packages, which allow us to deploy the apps with all dependencies as needed. I will show you how you can use Paket manager to manage the dependencies in better way. Attendees after the session should be able to understand how nuget packages and sources/feeds works, how they could use them in their CI/CD solution to solve dependency download problems and manage the "dependency hell". Level: 200 (basic development process knowledge needed)


Kamil Sáček

MVP, Product Development Manager at NAVERTICA a.s.

Kamil has more than 30 years of experience with software development and IT in general. In year 2001, after finishing university, he joined the NAV world in NAVERTICA company as NAV developer. Having wide area of knowledge in programming languages and connected areas is helping him to understand “how it works” and is giving him background for solving different tasks. Last years he is working more with GIT, Powershell and Azure DevOps. Kamil is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since the year 2004.