Training: Manage your Business Central Developments with Azure DevOps pipelines and ALOps

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We can't imagine a world without CI/CD. Especially when you need to develop (in team) on a multitude of apps, that will be upgraded automatically in the SaaS environment, or that need to be tested against a multitude of localizations or versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. On top of that: a lot of us can't imagine a world without being in control of how we manage that development flow, our pipelines, our branching, our releases, our deployments .. everything! Azure DevOps will help you in many ways: implement a workflow for your team, stabilize your code over time, automate testing for multiple versions or localizations, Automate deployment, .. . And .. you have full control! For BC development, we need to be able to do a lot, like: · Compile · Test · Set up Docker Images / Containers · Sign · Deploy (OnPrem? SaaS?) · Deploy to AppSource · … And this is where ALOps comes in: ALOps is a commercial DevOps extension with built-in pipeline tasks that will make the PowerShell knowledge unnecessary and make creating and managing pipelines in DevOps easy! The goal of this workshop is that you leave with a working pipeline on your project, which means you'll be able to set it up, understand what it means to manage it, and already have a working system that you can try out, show to your team, … . We will only allow 10 people in this workshop, so that I can give enough attention to everyone ;-). Requirements: · Your laptop · Basic BC Development knowledge · Admin access to Azure DevOps (you can set up a trial if necessary) · Admin access to a Business Central SaaS environment · Admin access to Azure Portal for this BC environment · A way to run the Azure DevOps Agent. You have a few options: o Recommended: access to Azure to create an AzureVM o Your own computer: you need to be local admin on your PC o A remote server that you can access, and where you are local admin TIP: as a partner, you might have access to demo-environments (Microsoft Customer Digital Experiences). If you have questions or problems, please contact me: DokWorkshop@waldo.be Disclaimer This workshop will not handle AL-Go for Github in any way. It will handle an alternative where you take control over your pipelines in stead of let the preconfigured pipelines control you.


Eric "waldo" Wauters

"Because you can doesn't mean you should"

Eric “waldo” Wauters Eric is one of the founding partners of iFacto Business Solutions and Dynex bv. With his 21 years of technical expertise, he is an everyday inspiration to its development teams.  As development manager he continually acts upon the technical readiness of iFacto and Dynex.     Apart from that, Eric is also very active in BC community, where he tries to solve technical issues and shares his knowledge with other Dynamics enthusiasts. Surely, a lot amongst you will have read some of Eric’s posts, which he invariably signs with “waldo”. Lots of people have been using and even contributing to tools he shares for free on github. His proven track record entitled him to be awarded since 2007 as MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).