Chalk ’n Talk: Telemetry for Developers

11:00 - 11:45 Ferrum (280) Back to event schedule

This session is an interactive session, specifically for developers who want to dive deep into the world of telemetry. We'll explore the myriad ways telemetry can enhance your development process, improve application performance, and streamline troubleshooting. It's an interactive session, where you contribute to the content - but we'll prepare some scenarios as well that illustrate the practical applications and benefits of telemetry. From real-time monitoring to advanced analytics. We'll have an open "Ask Me Anything" segment, where you can submit questions anonymously to get the answers you need. And since this is a "chalk 'n Talk" - you can contribute to the answers as well! Whether you're new to telemetry or looking to deepen your understanding, this session potentially offers valuable insights and practical advice. Come with your questions, curiosities, and be ready to learn, share and care!


Eric "waldo" Wauters

"Because you can doesn't mean you should"

Eric “waldo” Wauters Eric is one of the founding partners of iFacto Business Solutions and Dynex bv. With his 21 years of technical expertise, he is an everyday inspiration to its development teams.  As development manager he continually acts upon the technical readiness of iFacto and Dynex.     Apart from that, Eric is also very active in BC community, where he tries to solve technical issues and shares his knowledge with other Dynamics enthusiasts. Surely, a lot amongst you will have read some of Eric’s posts, which he invariably signs with “waldo”. Lots of people have been using and even contributing to tools he shares for free on github. His proven track record entitled him to be awarded since 2007 as MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).