Advanced Manufacturing in Business Central

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of advanced manufacturing, staying ahead requires not just keeping pace with current technologies and practices, but also anticipating the impact of policies and leveraging advanced planning techniques. This session delves into the less explored, yet critically important, aspects of manufacturing features in business central that can significantly influence operational efficiency and product lifecycle management. Attendees will gain insights into: The Influence of Manufacturing Policies: Explore how manufacturing policies shape the ecosystem of multi-level production orders, affecting everything from supply chain resilience to production timelines. Optimizing with the Replan Function: Uncover the strategic advantages of using the replan function in multi-level production orders. Routing Link Code and Flushing Method : This section will clarify how these tools work together to optimize material flow, reduce waste, accurate inventory management, and ensure precision in cost accounting. Mastering Reordering Policies: A comprehensive examination of various reordering policies, including their benefits, challenges, and best use cases. Demand Forecasting for Long Lead Items: Tackle one of the most challenging aspects of manufacturing—planning for long lead items. Discover strategies for integrating demand forecasting into your planning process.


Kapil Puvar

MCT | CSM |MCP I Microsoft Business Central Manufacturing Expert | Functional Manager at Intech Systems

Kapil Puvar, with 8.5 years in Dynamics 365 Business Central & Navision and a mechanical engineering background, is a leader in ERP implementations. Starting in the mechanical sector, he spent 5.5 years in production planning and process improvement, gaining invaluable ERP system insights. Transitioning to a functional consultant for Navision at Intech Systems, Kapil's unique skills saw him rise from Senior Functional Consultant to Senior Manager, leading over 35 global ERP projects. He's designed innovative products like Quality Control and Advanced Purchase, now featured on Microsoft AppSource. Kapil's blend of engineering and ERP expertise makes him a key asset in technology implementation and manufacturing process optimization.