Navigating Role Centers: Building Intuitive Cues and Action Tiles to Optimize User Engagement

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Dive into the world of Cues and Action Tiles in Microsoft Business Central. Explore how these dynamic elements can transform Role Centers and elevate user experiences. In this hands-on workshop, you'll: 1. Grasp the Basics: Learn fundamental concepts and their impact on Role Center transformation. 2. Craft Customization: Create tailored Cues and Action Tiles aligned with your organization's needs. 3. Master Placement: Strategically position elements for maximum visual and functional impact. 4. Simplify Interaction: Seamlessly link Action Tiles to streamline user navigation. 5. Enable Personalization: Discover user empowerment through customizable Role Centers. 6. Apply Real-world Solutions: Implement learnings in diverse business scenarios. Whether you're in IT, development, or decision-making roles, this session equips you with practical insights. Unleash the power of Cues and Action Tiles to revolutionize user engagement with Microsoft Business Central. Your journey to transformative experiences begins now.


Shivani Dalmia

Business Central Enthusiast

Shivani is assigned as a Business Central Technical Consultant, where she takes on the responsibility of designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud solutions specifically tailored to the needs of clients. She is driven by her passion for innovative problem-solving approaches and providing client-centric solutions. Shivani is dedicated and motivated to excel in the dynamic field of technology, utilizing her multidisciplinary expertise to analyze, design, and implement best practices for business changes in the context of Business Central. She holds certifications such as MB-800, PL-300, PL-100, PL-200, PL-900 and AZ-900 along with Microsoft Certified Trainer.