Live Coding Part 1

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Don't miss out on this opportunity!The Live Coding session that was very popular at Directions Asia 2023 is back for Directions Asia 2024!! In this session, you will learn with two Japanese (Microsoft MVP for Business Applications) about "Improving Business Productivity (Time Management)" in a Live Coding style. This session will leverage D365 Business Central, Microsoft Outlook, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Microsoft Dataverse, and Microsoft Teams as products. Many companies continue to work with a hybrid of telework and office work, and the pursuit of productivity is one of the most important issues for companies.How should management control the way they work in this era? How should we take on these challenges with Microsoft business applications? And how will Copilot and Azure Open AI change the way we work? Let's think about them together!


Ryohei Yoshijima

Chief Operating Officer, Technosoft (SEA) Pte. Ltd.

Microsoft Regional Director Microsoft MVP for Business Application With experience in Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV/AX) & CRM that goes further back than anyone in Japan, Ryo has taken part in international projects in Japan and 31 other countries for nearly 24 years, travelling enough miles to circle the globe some 87 times. He has made appearances at many related events as a speaker in Japan and abroad on the strength of his project experience, expertise in R&D for Dynamics 365, and the global network he maintains with Microsoft and other Dynamics partners. Have done more than 100 Microsoft Dynamics Projects, more than 720 Pre-Sales Activities, and more than 80 Microsoft Global Event Attendees. At KOBE University, Ryo majored in multivariate analysis. Having experienced one of the biggest earthquakes in KOBE, he had participated in volunteer IT event activities in the several disaster areas with other Microsoft MVPs and IT community leaders. Loves Rugby and American football.

Ryota Nakamura

BizOptimars ,Inc. CEO / Co-Founder

2020-2024 Microsoft MVP for Business Applications I co-founded own company where I was involved in proposing business improvements and education for various industries. Believing that the development of an internal community is the key to business improvement, I established BizOptimars,Inc. in November 2023, a company that boosts in-house production based on an internal community. I'm currently providing various supports aimed at the development of Japanese companies, mainly in the manufacturing industry in the Kansai region. In external communities, I'm active as “Rinatamu”, and while enlightening the Microsoft Power Platform, I have made many presentations with the main theme of making business improvement fun. As a result, in February 2020, I received the Microsoft MVP in the Business Applications department from Microsoft headquarters in US. I'm still actively presenting and disseminating information, and I'm active in a free style that is not limited to Microsoft products.