Using Microsoft Azure ML Studio Prompt Flow for classification tasks

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In the world of AI chatbots, the key is making sure they understand and respond to user queries accurately. This involves honing in on user intent, which significantly improves chatbot responses, making them relevant and useful across various contexts. In the session, we offer the approach that focuses on Azure ML Prompt Flow, a tool that boosts chatbots' ability to interpret questions. This session will cover integrating Prompt Flow with Azure ML and Azure OpenAI to enhance chatbot interactions. You'll learn about refining query classification and embedding Prompt Flow into your chatbot setup. By the end, you'll know how to configure an endpoint via Azure ML, enhancing chatbot understanding and response precision. This endpoint is adaptable, and ready to improve chatbot performance across different user interfaces like customer portals, Power Apps applications, and internal platforms, broadening the impact of your chatbot solutions.


Katerina Chernevskaya

Empowering Innovation, Shifting Paradigms

Katerina, an MVP, MCT, and renowned public speaker, focuses on Power Platform & AI. With twenty years of experience and key certifications in PROSCI, PMI, Power Platform Solution Architect, she leads in app development, AI, and adaptive work models. Active in the Microsoft community, Katerina mentors new tech talent and supports innovation. Katerina takes part in the #SharingIsCaring initiative, guiding community contributions to the Microsoft Sample Solution Gallery. https://www.linkedin.com/in/katerinachernevskaya/