The Future is Faster Than We Think: Navigating the Rapid Evolution of AI in Business

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The Future is Faster Than We Think offers a streamlined insight into the critical role of Artificial Intelligence and AI copilots in accelerating business innovation and competitiveness. This presentation zeroes in on how AI and its copilots are not just tools but essential partners in reshaping business strategies, streamlining operations, and carving out new market opportunities. It emphasizes the necessity for businesses to adapt swiftly to these technological advancements to stay ahead in the game. Attendees will walk away with practical strategies for integrating AI copilots into their growth plans, ensuring their enterprises are primed for success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Paul Soliman

Microsoft MVP and RD, CEO/CTO of Hacktiv Colab and Bayanichain

Paul holds the prestigious title of being the First Microsoft MVP for Business Applications & Regional Director in the Philippines, a testament to his exceptional knowledge and contributions in the field. Paul's passion lies in bridging the gap between business and technology, and he serves as a trusted consultant for companies across the APAC region. With a keen interest in emerging technologies, Paul is currently dedicated to Web3 and AI projects, leveraging his extensive experience to drive innovation and create transformative solutions. As the Chairman and CEO of Bayanichain, he leads the company in developing cutting-edge blockchain-based solutions that revolutionize various industries. Paul is also a respected figure in the Philippine blockchain community, serving as a Founding Member of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines. He is also the Founder, CEO, and CTO of Hacktiv Colab Inc., an organization that simplifies DeepTech implementation in APAC.