irections emea 2023 lyon
1-3 November 2023

Directions EMEA 2023

Directions EMEA is the "Go To" place where Dynamics partners share the future. It's the preferred global community for collaborating and learning from Microsoft, MVPs, ISVs, VARs and their peers. The focus is on helping the SMB market unlock its full potential in technical, business development and strategy with ERP, CRM, and Cloud solutions, including the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Azure.


Client Retention Strategies: 10x Cost Savings in Sales and Marketing Expenses

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As a business owner or sales professional, you understand the thrill of securing a new client. However, the real challenge lies not just in acquiring clients, but in ensuring their long-term loyalty. After all, it is far more cost-effective to retain and upsell to existing clients than to constantly invest in the sales and marketing process to acquire new ones. Customer retention is a vital aspect of any successful business strategy. Building strong and lasting relationships with clients not only guarantees a steady revenue stream but also establishes your reputation as a trusted partner. In today's competitive landscape, customer guidance plays a crucial role in maintaining these relationships. Here are three compelling benefits: - Cost-Efficiency: Learn why nurturing and upselling existing clients is ten times more cost-effective than chasing new ones. - Client Guidance: Master the art of guiding customers to the right solutions, a crucial skill for enduring business relationships. - Managing Expectations: Understand what clients want from partners and how to deliver, keeping them loyal to your brand. In this session, we'll explore the best practices for client retention, the importance of customer guidance, and how ISVs can support resellers effectively. As the managing director at Anveo Group, with 500+ partners worldwide, I've gained first-hand insights into why clients switch partners. Now, I'm keen to share these experiences with you.


Kayleen Hannigan

Partner Manager and Marketing - Anveo Group

Previously a Microsoft Dynamics superuser, Kay has seen both sides of implementation projects. She enjoys working with partners and customers to help them streamline work processes and keep up with an increasingly digital world.

Nils Peemoeller

Passionate about mobile apps and EDI

Since 20 years, Nils has been responsible for the development of a lot of deeply integrated extensions/add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics. Now, Nils leads the Anveo product management at Anveo Group.