irections emea 2023 lyon
1-3 November 2023

Directions EMEA 2023

Directions EMEA is the "Go To" place where Dynamics partners share the future. It's the preferred global community for collaborating and learning from Microsoft, MVPs, ISVs, VARs and their peers. The focus is on helping the SMB market unlock its full potential in technical, business development and strategy with ERP, CRM, and Cloud solutions, including the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Azure.


Microsoft presents: What's new on GitHub and how is the code contribution model evolving?

15:00 - 15:45 Aud. Pasteur Back to event schedule

Our code contribution model is now evolving fast! Just for 2023 Wave 2, Microsoft has accepted more than 100 contributions made by the community. More and more partners are taking matters into their own hands, and are steering the Business Central applications in the direction they require. The System Application has gone full open source - the Base Application is next! Learn how to tap into this opportunity, and see what other community members have done. We will also show you how easy it is to contribute.


Jesper Schulz-Wedde

Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Engineering Manager on the Business Central Application Foundation team, responsible for developing the horizontal features needed, to build world-class business applications upon. Also responsible for driving the business application platform's open-source story forward.

Tobias Fenster

Managing Partner at 4PS Germany, Microsoft RD & dual Microsoft MVP, Docker Captain

Tobias Fenster started as a developer in the 1990s. Holding different positions including Head of Technical Consulting, Head of Development and CTO for multiple Microsoft partners during his career, he is now a Managing Partner at 4PS Germany. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director, holds dual Microsoft MVP awards for Business Applications and Azure and is a Docker Captain. He is blogging on, where he writes about Business Applications, Docker and Windows Containers, but also tooling like Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Code and infrastructure automation. His other focus is Azure, mainly around container environments and SQL.