Microsoft presents: AI for your business - Beyond ChatGPT

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By now, many of you have likely experimented with ChatGPT and have been amazed by its capabilities. However, conversational AIs like ChatGPT merely scratch the surface of what Large Language Models (LLMs) truly have to offer. In this session, we'll look deeper into the advanced applications of LLMs, shedding light on intricate concepts such as orchestration, planners, embeddings, and connectors. You will also see how LLMs potentially can be leveraged to implement industry specific scenarios and, hopefully, leave inspired to harness the immense potential of this revolutionary technology.


Vincent Nicolas

Chief architect - Business Central

Vincent has been working with Business Central for over ten years. He and his team are responsible for the architecture of Business Central and for driving innovation. During the last years, he has been focusing on modernizing the development tools, modernizing the clients and making Business Central a world class cloud service.