Microsoft presents: Can Business Central online handle large customers?

11:30 - 12:15 Galaxy 2 Back to event schedule

Is Business Central Online ready for the big customers, or will it break under the load of these customers? Does your prospect have many users? Does your prospect process many transactions per day? Does your prospect have a lot of data? Does your prospect make a lot of API calls? In this session we will explain how Business Central Online scales as needed to handle "any" load. We will also provide examples of large customers who are successfully using Business Central Online - and maybe some of these customers are similar in size to your prospect.


Jens Møller-Pedersen

Engineering Manager, BC Server Runtime. Making it run faster

Jens has been with Microsoft for more than 20 years and has worked on the Business Central product (and previously Dynamics NAV) for most of this time. He is currently leading the Server Runtime team, so his everyday responsibility is to ensure that the BC backend is always stable and performant.